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Our newest Sponsor A Puppy trainee

Our newest Sponsor A Puppy trainee, Lexi

Hi I'm Barbara, Lexi's Puppy Walker!
Welcome to Lexi's third Pupdate. It's not long at all now until Lexi heads off to early training and I think she's ready for it. Lexi's matured so much over the time I've had her and honestly, she's a total delight.

Lexi's a real pleasure to walk, she never pulls and she always walks in a straight line (which, surprisingly, some pups take quite a while to get the hang of). She is great with ignoring distractions such as cats, birds and food smells when we're out too!
Lexi's definitely becoming more confident as well. For example, in shopping malls, I'm delighted to say that the crowds, glass lifts and open stairs are no problem at all for this calm girl. Lexi's doing really well with her guide dog skills too; she's learning to find empty chairs, doors and lifts now, and she has conquered her fear of puddles! I can ask her to do anything and she just gets on with it, which is brilliant. 

Napier Property Management Services are proud to sponsor Lexi and we will be updating you on her progress.

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Published: Dec 2017 ← More news

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